Updates from the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut Highlands

Get involved

If you only have 5 minutes…

  • Join your respective state committee by contacting Dawn Serra.
  • Participate in the Coalition message forums and listserves (email a request to regionalhighlands@npogroups.org with “subscribe” in the subject line)
  • Become a member of the Coalition by completing this web form (link) or sending contact information to Dawn Serra.

If you only have 1 hour….

  • Contact your Representative or Senator and tell them to protect the Highlands and support federal funding under HCA (US Congressional map, Member contact info page)
  • Contact your state legislator (PA state legislator map, NJ state legislator map, NY state legislator map, CT state legislator map)
  • Coalition sign-on letter for HCA, FL, and LWCF funding
  • Contact federal and state agency officials on the Highlands Steering Committee (PA DCNR or PA DEP, NJ DEP, NY OPRHP or NY DEC, CT DEP, USFS, USFWS, USGS, and NPS)

If you have a day…

  • Submit Senate and House testimony in March (example testimony from Highlands Coalition)
  • Letters to the editor (list several major papers)
  • Pitch a story to the news media)
  • Add content to your blog; contact other bloggers to suggest topics for them to cover
  • Press releases on key issues, events, or action alerts
  • Educate yourself with fact sheets, books and other publications

If you have a few days…

  • Add Highlands content to your organization’s website (we can help draft it)
  • Make a presentation to your municipality (use our PowerPoint presentation as a template)
  • Outreach events at Critical Treasures (link to critical treasures)
  • Give a presentation to local organizations, to your staff or your board
  • Advocate for public funding (TPL, Keep it Green campaign, and other publications)