Updates from the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut Highlands

HCA Schedule

February to March

  • Visit with Members of Congress and staff (Coalition staff and some board members)
  • Organize “Dear Colleague” letter in House and Senate on HCA appropriations (Legislative committee)
  • Determine funding levels for current FY projects
  • Announce funding decision for current FY

April to May

  • Written testimony to House and Senate Appropriations committees (Coalition member organizations)
  • Meet with Administration officials on FY+2 funding levels (Legislative committee)
  • Meet with Appropriations Committee staff (Coalition Washington, DC Advocate)
  • FY+2 project selection and submission (state committees and state agencies)

June to July

  • Review and rank FY+2 projects (federal agencies)

August to September

  • Host in-district meetings with Members of Congress (Legislative committee)
  • Develop “Four Governor’s” letter for FY+2 projects (state agencies)

October to November

  • Meet with OMB officials on FY+1 funding levels (Coalition Washington, DC Advocate)