Updates from the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut Highlands


The Highlands is rich in local recreational opportunities including trails, parks, campsites, viewpoints, watersports, and more. The Highlands region receives more visits than Yellowstone National Park. Fishing and hunting are very significant activities throughout the Highlands, and attract millions in regional expenditures. Hiking, boating and camping are also important activities in the Highlands. The Appalachian Trail crosses through the Highlands at several points. The Highlands Trail, which runs through PA and NJ, is a fantastic opportunity to build a means for getting the diverse population of the Highlands out into the woods. The Forest Service modeled recreation in the Highlands to prioritize areas for conservation, and focused on five factors: recreational trails, scenic visible ridge tops, existing parks and protected lands, historic and cultural resources, and recreational waters and shorelines.

Facts and Figures